OVER-HYPED NEWS: Mid-October-ish Edition

This is our occasional rundown of news that keeps making headlines, but that you can probably ignore. There is a lot of news around—this will help narrow it down.

5) US Men’s Soccer Team Not in the World Cup (New!)

Why this is news: This is the first time in decades that the US men’s team has not made it in. And this happened how? By losing to…Trinidad and Tobago? Dang, really?!

Why this is not: The US team had a good run of making it to the World Cup. Actually, one of the longest streaks in FIFA history. Seriously, the US has never been the soccer powerhouse that it might have seemed to be. This shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Plus, did we really want the US team to go to Russia? This way it is like a boycott, but without the diplomatic embarrassment.

4) Harvey Weinstein Assault Charges (New!)

Why this is news: This is a very powerful figure in media, and he is going down. He has been removed from his company. Criminal charges are being brought up against him. It is starting the powerful #MeToo campaign. For a long time, people have been saying that Hollywood is sleazy, and now we have proof.

Why this is not: Everyone already knew that Hollywood was sleazy—this is just more proof. This is not the liberal equivalent of charges against conservative candidate Trump (or even television personality Bill O’Reilly). Those charges were against higher-profile people. Honestly, had you ever even heard of Harvey Weinstein before this month? If you answer is yes, then you probably live in LA. This is a news story that is catering to the media-saturated coasts. Middle America gives zero craps about this story. This story is important, just not this important.

3) German Election and Rise of Nationalism (New-ish)

Why this is news: A far-right nationalist party, Alternative for Germany or AfD, is in the Bundestag (German parliament) for the first time. There was Brexit, then Trump, now this!

Why this is not: After Trump won, the nationalist movement lost ground in the Netherlands. Then, nationalists came in a distant second in the French presidential elections. Then, an even more distant fourth in the French parliamentary elections. Then, they were entirely eliminated from the UK parliamentary elections. But, now, oh! They broke the previous minimum threshold to actually enter the Bundestag. Heavens, no. Plus, by the way, the Free Democratic Party—the antithesis of AfD—also surged in votes this election, and will be part of the governing coalition. AfD will not be in the government. So, just cool your Siemens-manufactured jet engines, alright?

2) Las Vegas Shooting (New)

Why this is news: The events in Las Vegas were dramatic and awful. Mass shootings such as this one are unique to the US, and many people want answers as to why they keep happening.

Why this is not: As horrible as mass shootings are, they are still objectively very rare. There are many other tragedies that the US could apply itself to and help save far more lives for its efforts. Don’t believe me? Well, here is a more detailed description of this.


1) North Korea (Up one place)

Why this is news: Both sides of this particular conflict have nuclear weapons. Both side have leaders who shoot their mouths off. People are worried that one of these two guys might get twitchy and follow through with a threat.

Why this is not: Dios Mío! How is this still in the news? This is still just a war of words. Actually, calling this a “war of words” makes it sound like something meaningful is being said. Instead, what we’re witnessing is more a dull exchange of uninspired insults (e.g. “Rocket Man”). But now, at least, we have all learned what the word ‘Dotard’ means. DEFCON still at 5 the lowest alert level.


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