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Brad and Z discuss DACA.  Also, Tesla and Macron.  Which, incidentally, sounds like the name of a pretty solid 70s folk band.  Groovy dude.  Groovy.

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Game of Thrones Podcast – The Dragon and The Wolf

Game of Thrones Season 7 might be over, but Shar and Z aren’t quite yet finished.  We bring you our long-awaited podcast recap of the season finale of Season 7.  Not to worry, we’ll be back one more time after this in a week to recap the entire season.

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Boozy McNewsface – Week 1 (Finally!)

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Brad and Z talk Kid Rock’s political ambitions, the Phoenix Trump rally and (shudder) Sheriff Joe.

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Who is this guy?

The true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.

–Jon Snow

The Night King is the chief and foremost of the white walkers, produced by the children of the forest to defeat the first men thousands of years ago. In a Bran-vision, we learn he became blue-eyed with a shard of dragonglass to the chest by Leaf, transformed forever into the Night King, and ultimately turning on those who created him. In my opinion, he was probably one of the first men himself, before being captured and morphed. And I’d be holding a grudge too.

But that’s about all we know. Since his first appearance in season four, the Night King has been murky and mythical. Except there isn’t much of a myth.

It’s very easy to give the Night King zombie-like features and have us all assume he’s the most evil thing ever. But for him to be a believable villain, I need to know what he believes. Unlike Cersai, the Night King is a largely undeveloped and a frankly uninteresting player in Westeros. So if he is to be our primary bad guy moving forward, the show better get to work.

The Night King and Bran are irrevocably connected. He regularly sees Bran in his visions and even scratched him once, leading to Hodor doing what he does best. There is a hot rumor going around that Bran is the Night King, and while I have no idea how this is possible, it’s entirely possible.

I hope the Night King becomes a fully realized character, because there is a goldmine of possibility. Is he a vengeful man, forever marching against the forces which created him? And why are the white walkers marching now, after all this time?

It’s easy to ignore these questions and accept the Night King as an all encompassing malevolence. But his lack of character development seems like a real departure from George Martin’s novels.

So here’s to the Night King. I’m pulling for you man.

Game of Thrones S7E6 “Beyond the Wall” Recap

Hello there Red Couch readers & welcome back to another recap of the latest GoT episode. Again, my name is Ryan from, and I am here at this fine site to review this second to last episode of GoT season 7. Our yearly allowance of this fantastic show is running out soon, but thankfully it’s been a thriller thus far.

Welcome one and all to another week & another review of the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Wow, the penultimate episodes are always a big deal in GoT & this week certainly was no exception. White walkers, dragons & some of the best lines this season all came at us pretty fast this week. Let’s get right to the events that unfolded…..


Ice, Ice Baby

We begin our night checking in with the Magnificent Seven headed north of the wall in search of a wight to take back south. We have wonderful camaraderie & some of the funniest lines between this group (see best line winners later) as they look for the dead army. Jon confides in Tormund about Dany’s requirement for him to bend the knee & ironically, its the new leader of the free folk who advises him to do just that. Wisely, he remembers his own former leader Mance & his stubborn pride that cost him his life. It’s true, what’s the point of pride if it gets you & the people following you killed (if only Lord Tarly had such wisdom).

Jon then speaks to Jorah, in what is their first real one on one time yet. They spend their conversation discussing their fathers. Jon offers Jorah his sword he received from the Lord Commander Mormont. Jorah however, declines & tells Jon to keep Longclaw, wishing it to serve him well “and your children after you”. This might be just another case of GoT paranoia, but anytime anyone mentions other characters’ future, I see it as possible foreshadowing. Will Jon indeed ever have children? Or is our favorite king destined to serve his purpose in defeating the Night King & nothing more.

Things don’t stay cheery long, as the group is attacked by a zombie-like bear from the dead army. Amidst the attack we lose some nameless companions & Thoros is badly injured after saving the Hound from the flaming bear. His wounds are cauterized, but he’s in bad shape. The gang could lose their healer, which means no more get out of jail free cards.

Rocky Relationships

Back in Winterfell, we have yet another conversation about fathers between Sansa & Arya. Arya then confronts Sansa with the note she found last episode, the one Sansa wrote back in season 1 declaring Ned a traitor & asking Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. Sansa pleads her case, but Arya is having none of it. I really can’t see why Arya isn’t mature enough to see this note was obviously written under duress & not a true sign of disloyalty. But perhaps she has become so cold she has lost any semblance of empathy. She threatens to reveal the note to the other lords in Winterfell, possibly ending their allegiance to Sansa.

And of course, Sansa being the genius she is, runs straight to Littlefinger to confide in him about her sisterly troubles. He asks her if she really thinks Arya would ever actually harm her, planting a seed of fear. He counsels her to seek the help of Brienne, as she is sworn to protect both girls. Maybe she can get to Arya. Baelish’s plans of dividing the Stark girls up is working beautifully…..or is it. More on that later.

End Game

In Dragonstone, we see Dany & Tyrion conversing about the upcoming meeting with Cersei. Tyrion is confident that his arrangement with his brother will hold & just in case, their two armies & three dragons are there for backup should anything arise. But he cautions her that she must keep her composure in this meeting, as Cersei will undoubtedly try and provoke her. He expresses his concern over her lack of restraint with the Tarlys & that her drastic actions of going into battle could cost her her life. He brings up succession, which Dany is not discussing at this point. Yet another case where my paranoia acts up. Please let this talk about her successor not be any foreshadowing or symbolism.

Capture the Wight

Beyond the wall we see Jon et al lay a trap for the dead army & cornering them. After a brief battle, Jon kills the lead white walker in the company which also kills all but one of the wights. The gang captures this lone wight, but not before he calls for backup. Jon sends Gendry to run back to the wall & send a raven to Dany for reinforcements. Suddenly, the gang is ambushed by a giant cavalry of the dead forcing them to fall back onto an island in a frozen lake. However, the weight of the dead army breaks the ice & our boys are stranded & surrounded on all sides by the dead, a small moat of water between them. Apparently, typical zombie rules apply & they cannot swim across.

Gendry is related to Usian Bolt apparently because he makes it back to the wall in no time & the raven is sent. However, some time has passed now & our friend Thoros has died from his injuries & the cold back on the rock. The group has lost their healer & is on their last life in this game. Beric suggests they kill the Night King, assuming that doing so will kill all others since he is the one who turned them originally. Cut the head off the snake & the army is finished. But it ain’t that easy given the thousands of wights between them.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Faces

Slightly south, Sansa has just received a raven from Kings Landing inviting her presumably to the upcoming meeting with Dany & Cersei. She however is not too keen on ever going back to the capital while a Lannister is in charge & instead sends Brienne in her place. Brienne objects, worrying she will leave the girls in danger (and rightly so), but Sansa sends her packing. It’s curious why she is so persistent on sending Brienne away. Brienne was supposed to be her liaison to Arya, but why send her away now. To make Arya vulnerable? Could Sansa really be thinking like that?

Sansa later sneaks into Arya’s quarters looking for the note, but stumbles onto something else; Arya’s bag of faces. Arya confronts her & threatens to one day wear her own sister’s face & take her place. Sansa is shaken only now realizing what a killer her little sister has become. But was this whole exchange just a ruse? Could Arya be playing the Game of Faces a different way i.e. by only threatening Sansa to fool Baelish in some sort of double-scheme? (remember, the game is telling a lie, but making it sound truthful) And if so, is Sansa in on it or is she genuinely scared for her life now? Fear makes people make bad decisions & that could be the case with here.

Ravens aka Medieval IM

Apparently “raven” is code for Twitter or something because Dany has already received the message & hops on her dragon to come save the day (against Tyrion’s objections). It really worries me that Tyrion is losing his influence after his failures in losing Dorne & High Garden.

Back on gilligan’s island, the gang is slowly freezing to death. The hound however, just has to fuck with the wights & makes the mistake of showing the them that the water has frozen over & is capable of walking across now. Slowly, the wights approach, this time in lesser numbers as to not break the ice. The group meets them head on & a battle ensues. A few further nameless wildling companions are picked off by the wights, until it’s just our core group left. I have to admit, I thought Tormund died like 5 times this episode. The other guys look very similar, but I was glad to see him still fighting. However, I was soon screaming at the screen when it looked like his number was being called. How in the hell can he not see his love Brienne again!! No way. Thankfully, the Hound makes himself useful & saves him. Things look pretty bleak for the group, very similar to the Battle of the Bastards. I feel like they shot this sequence in a similar fashion, as it felt hopeless & dire.

Mayday, Mayday, Dragon Down

But not to worry as Dany is here to rescue the boys & breathe some major fire on the dead army. As the gang get onto Drogon, Jon is caught as the last man behind fighting off wights. But the Night King has other plans, grabbing his ice spear & taking aim at a dragon… first you assume it’s Drogon sitting right there (who would have been the best target), but instead throws his icicle at the flying Viserion, hitting him fatally. Seems this ice spear is more effective than Cersei’s Scorpion. He sinks into the water, as Dany watches her child die. At this point I’m screaming “WTF ARE YOU GUYS STILL DOING! GET OUTTA THERE!”. As the Night King readies another iced spear, Jon tells the group to go on & is tackled into the water. Dany takes off, maneuvering Drogon & dodging the Night King’s second spear.

Jon makes his way back up, but is all alone & faces certain death as the wights realize he is still alive. Just then, Uncle Benjen rides to the rescue, putting Jon onto his horse & sending him south while staying behind himself & (presumably) dying. I know people will say it’s very convenient Benjen shows up just now & it is, but you can presume he saw the dragons & all, so he made his way there. Whatevs.

Ice & Fire Catch Feelings

Back at the wall, captured wight in hand, the group await to leave & head south. But just before they take off, Jon arrives at the wall (again everyone is making great timing this season) & he is put onto a ship headed south. Here, Dany finally sees Jon’s scars & realizes both what Jon has been through & how she really feels about him. YES people, we finally get our moment between Jon & Dany. She swears to fight alongside him against the Night King & he calls her “My Queen”. YAS QUEEN! Finally. But Dany realizes she is getting very mushy & pulls back. Maybe she is scared. Maybe she just wants to focus on the conquering at hand. Either way, my paranoia is back & now I’m scared our new favorite (almost) couple will not make it work.

North Korea Gets a Nuke

Back beyond the wall, our last scene confirms a theory I presented in previous reviews. The dead army are seen pulling the dead Viserion out of the frozen lake, using long chains to get him out. Now, where they got these chains, I don’t know. Maybe the north has a Home Depot nearby. But logistics aside, our worst fear has come to fruition, as the Night King touches Viserion & our last shot is his eye opening, now a deep blue. The Night King has his newest & deadliest weapon. White walker dragon lives (er, not “lives”, since it’s undead. You know what I mean).

Thoughts & Predictions

Lots to chew on. So, now that the Night King has his own dragon, how do the forces of man beat it? Fire will most likely have no effect, so we can assume we need some of that handy dragon glass to kill him. Perhaps we combine Cersei’s Scorpion weapon tipped with some of Jon’s dragon glass? Or maybe Scorpion can be armed with a Valyrian steel arrow? We have a few swords made out of it (Jaime’s, Jon’s, Brienne’s, Arya’s).

And speaking of Viserion, is he a “wight” or a “white” dragon? He was after all, turned by the Night King’s touch, not by his usual waving of arms to create simple wights. We have seen the Night King create White Walkers before, when he turned Craster’s baby into one. So it stands to reason that Viserion will be “White Viserion” & we know white walkers can turn others into wights. Does this mean that he can turn people into wights en mass with his breath? What will he exude by the way? Blue fire? Ice? All interesting questions.

What about Arya & Sansa”s infighting. Is this beef real or is Arya role playing to fool Baelish? Are they both in on it? Or is this a genuine clash between two sisters who never really got along. And where TF is Bran in all this. Use your vision dude. Enlighten some of your friends and family so they don’t cut each others faces off.

The episode had multiple mentions of offspring, when Jorah wishes Longclaw to serve Jon’s children well, when Tyrion asks Dany about a successor since she cant have children, & when Dany tells Jon her dragons are her only children she will ever have. All this seems to point to a surprise pregnancy at some point. It would also be symmetrical to our other queen, who we found out last episode was with child. Idk, I could go either way on this. My paranoia tells me our hopes will be dashed & this coupling may not happen. Also, what a testament to this show that it has us all rooting FOR incest. Amazing.

Finally, a point on Jon Snow. Tonight we saw Jon in a situation very similar to the Battle of the Bastards. In other words, his plans failing him & him almost dying. Both times, he has been bailed out by a woman, Sansa before & now Dany. What does this say about his leadership skills? This whole plan to get a wight & “bring it back” was pretty dumb to begin with. Is Sansa a better ruler in the north than him? And what happens when he finds himself in a similar situation again & has no one to bail him out.

Best Lines

This week, the best exchanges all involved Tormund. He was the real MVP of dialogue this week.

Gendry: How do you keep your balls from freezing off?
Tormund: You got to keep moving. That’s the secret. Walking’s good, fighting’s better, fucking’s best.
Jon: There’s not a living woman within a hundred miles of here
Tormund: (smiles) We have to make do with what we’ve got.


Hound: You want to suck my dick, is that it?
Tormund: Dick?
Hound: Cock.
Tormund: Ah, dick. I like it.
Hound: I bet you do.


Hound: Brienne of Tarth?
Tormund: You know her?
Hound: You’re with Brienne of fucking Tarth?
Tormund: Well, not with her yet. But I see the way she looks at me.
Hound: How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up & eat your liver?
Tormund: You do know her
Hound: We’ve met.

Again, wow. An exhilarating 71 minutes it was. And thank goodness next week will be 10 minutes longer. It’s a dam shame this season is shortened & rumors are that season 8 may not premier until 2018 (wipes tear). But come back next week to savor every juicy minute we have left this season.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Note on time: Yes, yes people, we know. The show’s perception of time & space seems distorted. People are leaving & showing up on the other side of Westeros seemingly at the speed of light. Ravens are better than email. Gendry is the long distance Olympian of Westeros. All valid ok, but just chill the F out. The show is getting condensed because we only have 7 more episodes to go to finish the entire story. You have no problems accepting dragons & white walkers, so just accept that the perception of time is a tad off. Just enjoy the ride guys 🙂

Thanks again for reading & check me out weekly on The Red Couch or at

Game of Thrones Podcast – Beyond the Wall (Week 6)

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Our latest recap is here!  Don’t want to say much in the description because… lots of potential spoilers but listen to Shar and Z talk about their annoyance with Arya, dragon-travel, and Littlefinger.  Also, how much they love the Magnificent Seven-Beyond-The-Wall.

Game of Thrones S7E5 “Eastwatch” Recap

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following document contains spoilers through Season 7, Episode 5.  Enjoy at your own risk.  And if you love Ryan’s review as much as we do, check out our weekly podcast recapping the episode.]

Why hello there Red Couch reader. My name is Ryan & I am the newest guest contributor to this fine site. I hail from my own blog,, where I do reviews of great shows like this one & speculate on its future. You can catch me there & here at The Red Couch weekly, going over the awesomeness that is Sunday night HBO programming. Well, there are exceptions (cough* Ballers cough*).

So, now that we are acquainted, let’s get to it…..

The Aftermath

Our episode opens right where we left off. Jaime & Bronn are indeed alright and seem to be able to get away from the action. Interestingly, my theory that Bronn may be peacing out soon seems on the money as he tells Jaime that his contract doesn’t include a dragon clause & he ain’t sticking around for the inevitable BBQ at Kings Landing. However, it doesn’t seem Jaime is too keen on fighting the dragons either.

Speaking of the capital, our two bros make it back there where Jaime expresses his reservations about this war to Cersei. After seeing Drogon & the Dothraki, he knows the war is already lost. She didn’t even have her Unsullied or the other 2 dragons & it still wasn’t even a close match. But of course, Cersei is Cersei & is willing to fight til the end. It’s here that Jaime also informs her of the true culprit of Joffrey’s death; Lady Olenna, but it doesn’t seem to do much for Cersei’s sympathy for Tyrion anyway.


Back in the Reach, Dany is dealing with the leftover Lannister army, which just so happens to include Lord Tarly & son. It seems Lord Grumpy-pants doesn’t feel like bending the knee, given Dany is a foreign born invader & therefore chooses to die. Dickon shows some true balls (lol) & decides to join him. Although Tyrion protests, Dany ain’t taking no prisoners. Its join or die. And so she lets Drogon loose on the Tarly boys & just like that they are turned to ash. I’m not too familiar with the Tarly house, but this could very well make our man Sam the new heir apparent (although, he did technically take the Black, but those rules seem trivial at this point). This does help get the rest of the men in line, however cruel Tyrion might think it is.

Khaleesi rides her dragon back to Dragonstone to find Jon. This is where shit gets real. Drogon, to the surprise of Dany, approaches Jon & actually allows Jon’s quivering hand to pet him. This might be cool, but it’s also a huge sign about Jon (more on that later). Then, who shows up, but our favorite friend-zoned subject of the queen, Jorah. He’s back in action & ready to serve. I’m still slightly suspicious of his cure & so I hate it when he keeps touching people. Keeps your hands to yourself dude, you never know.

Inside, Tyrion & Varys reflect on the events at the Reach. Both of them are concerned about Dany’s inclination to burn her enemies to death. Varys implores Tyrion to try & make her listen to his counsel more, lest she become like her father the Mad King. Meanwhile, Varys delivers a message sent from the North, informing Jon that Arya & Bran are alive & that the Night King marches on Eastwatch. Upon learning this, Jon decides he must return north immediately. The group recognizes the need to postpone the war at hand & head north to fight the common enemy, but Cersei will not press pause unless she has proof. So, the plan is to bring one of the undead down south & show Cersei she needs to wait on this war & send armies to the north. Tyrion & Davos will head to Kings Landing to negotiate the temporary truce in the meantime.

Discord in the North

In Winterfell we see Bran warging into some ravens in order to check on the Night King & their location. Upon finding them, the Night King seems to realize Bran is watching him. I wonder why he is after Bran, as we saw him last season go after Bran. Perhaps he wants Bran’s visions & ability? Anyways, Bran instructs the maester to send ravens out to everyone infoming them of the dead army’s progress & inevtiable arrival at Eastwatch, the fortress now manned by the Wildlings.

We then see the lords of the north bitching & moaning, yet again, to Sansa on their doubts in Jon. They have proven to be some pretty shitty lords given that they A) first refused to help Jon when he needed them to fight the Boltons B) have questioned Jon on every single decision he has made & C) are now turning on their new king after like 2 minutes. Seriously, shit lords these are. This reminds me more & more of Robb & the mistakes he made by ignoring his allies. But what is more concerning is Sansa’s attitude towards their disloyalty. She is very blasé & indifferent to their disrespect & seems to be getting a little too full of herself as Lady of Winterfell. Arya sees this & tells her as much to her face. Now we see the old sisterhood we once knew; the bickering, antagonistic relationship between them from season 1. Arya feels Sansa has some internal desire to supplant Jon as leader. She thinks Sansa should be more ruthless & unforgiving of the lords’ disrespect. But Arya doesn’t understand the politics involved in ruling & Sansa informs her that they need these lords’ armies in order to stay in power. Nonetheless, the internal strife grows within the Stark house.

As I guessed last week, Baelish has felt uneasy with the stability in the North & has now decided to make his move to sow some discord. We see Arya shadowing Littlefinger as he makes his way around Winterfell, meeting in secret with the frustrated lords, some unknowns & finally the maester who brings him a scroll to his chambers. Upon leaving his room, Arya sneaks in & finds the scroll in question, only giving us a glimpse, but some Googling showed that this is an old scroll from season 1 or 2. It is written by Sansa to Robb (RIP Robb, you idiot), informing him that their father is a traitor & that Robb needs to come bend the knee to Joffrey. This of course was written under duress when Sansa was essentially a prispner of the Lannisters. But Arya seems concerned by the message & this could make her question Sansa’s motives even more.

Upon leaving the room, we see Baelish now counter-shadowing Arya. He has been aware of her presence the whole time & is manipulating her into escalating the distrust between her sister & herself. Once again we see how Machiavellian Littlefinger is & that even without any armies or dragons, he can be one of the most dangerous players in the seven kingdoms. His strategy is simple, yet effective; divide & conquer. Divide the Starks up & break the unified front they have. Then he can worm his way into Sansa’s ear.

Brotherly Love

Back at the capital, Tyrion & Davos arrive & head their separate ways. Tyrion, with the help of Bronn, lures Jaime into a meeting. The reunion isn’t a joyous one & Jaime has no desire to hug his little bro. But he also doesnt kill him so that’s a positive I guess. Tyrion explains the situation to Jaime & expresses Dany’s terms. Meanwhile, Davos goes to Flea Bottom to find an old friend circa season 3, Gendry. It takes few words to recruit him to join them & they are on their way. When 2 gold cloaks recognize Tyrion, Gendry makes quick work of them, proving his usefulness with a hammer (the same weapon his father Robert preferred).

Jaime goes to inform his sister of the offer from Dany & the secret meeting with their brother only to find out that she knew it was happening all along. It seems Qyburn’s spies are proving useful. Jaime asks why she allowed the meeting & learns that Cersei sees this as a chance to beat Dany using some clever schemes, as they both know they can’t win with military power. Cersei will undoubtedly use this opportunity to her advantage & wound Dany in any way possible whether it’s killing her dragons, her armies or herself. She also informs Jaime that she is TWIST, with child, only this time, the world will know it is Jaime’s. But the question is, how will the allies of the Lannisters react to this news? Cersei could be shooting herself in the foot yet again with her plans because although Westerosi lords don’t like foreign born invaders, its a good chance they don’t like being ruled by an incestuous queen even more. She also threatens Jaime here, telling him to never betray her again. This is yet another sign that Jaime may have to kill another mad ruler he is sworn to protect.

The Library is Now Closed

At the Citadel, I am glad to see Sam yet again. He, upon overhearing the maesters talking about the message from Bran, pleads with them to take the message seriously & ask all the lords of Westeros to send their armies to the north. The maesters basically say “We’ll think about it” & Sam has pretty much had it with their complacency. Later that night, Sam vents to Gilly about his frustrations with his superiors as she reads a seemingly obscure & unimportant book. However, during this exchange she drops a major bombshell hint about a certain “Prince Ragger” who had an annulment & secretly got remarried in Dorne to an unknown woman. HOLY SHIT THIS IS A BIG DEAL (but more on this later). Sam decides he has had it here & rounds up all the important texts he needs & sets off with Gilly & Sam Jr. to presumably go back to the north.

The One Where the Gang Goes North


Tyrion, Davos & Gendry make it back to Dragonstone (wow this is all happening so fast. They must have the Hyperloop or some shit) & meet Jon. Gendry reveals his identity to Jon, as a fellow bastard & the last Baratheon. The two make quick friends thinking their fathers were best pals, not realizing that most likely, Gendry’s dad actually killed Jon’s. And so the group consisting of Jon, Davos, Gendry & Jorah say their goodbyes to set sail to Eastwatch. And yet again, poof, they arrive north at the wall in Eastwatch with Tormund (seriously, we need this Hyperloop shit). There, they meet another group trying to go north of the wall, the Brotherhood Without Banners (plus a Hound). Realizing they are all headed in the same direction, they head out north beyond the wall to find the army of the dead.

Thoughts & Predictions

First and most important thought this week: JON AINT NO BASTARD BITCHES! That’s right. It seems our favorite bastard will have to be Gnedry now because this episode gave us some clues that Jon is not the shameful sin of lust, but a true & legitimate Targaryen. First we saw Jon able to touch the dragon, something only Targaryens should be able to do theoretically. The dragon seemed to recognize Jon in some way & this shocked even Dany. Second was the not so subtle clue from Gilly. Prince “Rhaegar” is revealed to have had an annulment form his wife (Elia Martell) & married a secret lover in Dorne (Lyanna Stark). This means Jon has a legitimate claim to the throne now, more so than even Dany. Now it seems she might be the one bending that dam kneeee!!!! Dayammmmmmm.

Speaking of Targaryens & touching dragons, if you’re keeping track, you’ll notice that 3 people have now been able to get close to dragons & not get eaten alive. One is obviously Dany, the other is Jon from tonight and the last one is none other than…….Tyrion! It seems that certain fan theories about him possibly being a Targaryen may be true. It cannot just be a coincidence that only these 3 have been able to get close to dragons. BTW what about Gendry? He is after all the son of the last legitimate king, Robert. He is a bastard, but who knows what the rules are now.

Last thought is about a certain theory regarding the dragons possibly joining the army of the dead, Thus far it has been logistically impossible since the dragons have been south & in order for the Night King to turn one he would need to be close. But now it seems that if the temporary truce between Dany & Cersei sustains itself, then the dragons may wind up in the vicinity of the Night King. And if Cersei happens to use this as a chance to cripple Dany’s most powerful weapons, we may find ourselves with a dead dragon available to the Night King to resurrect & join his forces. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Cersei’s shortsighted plans end up backfiring (see Militant Faith).

Wow, a lot of shit happened this week. I did my best to keep it concise, but somehow that never works out well. Anyhow, I hope you have enjoyed my recap & speculation. Join me again next week for another awesome recap (and most likely longer given the last two episodes are the longest to date) here or at my blog Thanks for reading 🙂